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The photo is a map with old landmarks with the two dots representing the two places that my family experienced the hauntings.

My grandparents lived in both places on Riverside. I wasn't alive yet when my mom lived with them in one of the houses. My friends lived a few doors down. All three places were haunted. Nothing was ever stolen. My mother lived in there as a child, and she would hear the porch floorboards creak and then the front doorknob would turn with no one there. She said when she was pregnant with me on the other house on Riverside, the front doorknob turned a few times. When she looked out the peephole there was nobody there while it was happening.

The last time it happened, I was about nine. I stayed at home watching TV and eating cereal while my family went out to eat. I was watching a movie, and the doorknob was turning back and forth frantically. I looked out the front window that I was sitting next to, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't see a person. I saw a black thick mist in the shape of a person. It ran away across our front yard and across the street into the cornfield. As it ran away, the figure morphed a little. It was very odd. I've never seen anything like it before. My mom said my grandmother had heard something say ''Get out!'' in her bedroom. I haven't been to that house in about 15 years, and I still occasionally get reoccurring nightmares about getting chased by the shadow figure.

Update: I recently found an old map of Defiance, and Riverside Avenue was the site of 10 prehistoric burial mounds and the primary site of the great flood they had in Defiance.

The next and scariest haunting I've ever experienced was at a home on Martin Avenue. We were the second family to move into the duplex after it was built. When I was little, I would hear the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway, and then it would stop outside my bedroom door. I would tell my mom about it, but she didn't believe me at the time. About a year later my sister and I moved into the master bedroom. I was fast asleep and awoke to the sound of a deep voice screaming in my face, ''GET OUT!''(lol, it must be something common that ghosts say). I told my mom of it, and she was a concerned but thought I just had an overactive imagination.

About a year later from that my stepfather moved into the room and stayed in that room for about a year until he and my mother separated, and he moved out. The day he moved out, my mom and I were talking in the hall way(we were the only ones home), and a picture on the wall in the master bedroom fell, and the stereo turned on and began increasing in volume without anyone turning the dial. After he moved out, my mom slept in the living room and around that time, my brothers and I started staying the night with friends on the weekends. My sister went with her dad on the weekends. My mom started getting freaked out at that point because she was alone, and she would hear walking down the hallway, and the fridge would open on its own.

My grandmother moved in with us in the last few months of her life and died in dialysis after leaving the apartment. In the week following her death, I was going down the hallway, and it sounded like a bowling ball hitting pins right above me. When I went to grab something from the room with my grandmother's chair, there were several piles of quarters next to my grandmother's chair. It was like $15 in quarters that my mom and I didn't remember seeing there before. I checked outside. It wasn't storming, and our side duplex neighbor wasn't home, and there wasn't anything around or on top of the duplex that would make that noise.

The last and most terrifying thing that happened in that duplex was when my mom and I were in the process of moving out. We were the only two home, and we fell asleep in one of the bedrooms after spending the day packing. It was raining heavily that night, and it sounded like somebody threw the backdoor open and was stomping loudly through our kitchen with wet squeaking boots. Then it began to walk in the hallway, and the sound stopped at the bedroom doorway. My mom and I were trembling when we awoke to this. We checked the entire apartment, and there was no sign of anyone there. There were no wet or muddy boot tracks, and the door was dead bolted like how we left it. . - Ghost picture submitted by Mel

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