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One time I went on this old abandoned church down the road from where I live. People say it was haunted. Me and some other people went in and heard people talking, and no one was there. As we turned around and walked on the other side of the room, we felt the temperature drop big time, so we left because we got creeped out kinda. We decided to go back the next day with the same people just for the fun of it. We brought some ghost technology. We already had voice monitors and stuff like, that and the temperature was 61 degrees on one side, and the other was 23 degrees. We brought out the EP voice monitor, and we heard them saying ''help and get out.'' We took some pictures before we went in. It was creepy. Never gone back since. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Steven:
Hello, there! Where is this church located in Felicity Ohio?.

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I live in Felicity, Ohio next to this old church probably built around the 1700s to 1900s. This has only occurred on weekend nights when my father is gone at work since he's on night shifts as a security officer. When I'm the only one home, strange things happens and weird feelings like being watched has happened, which I think it's kind of funny since I'm into paranormal stuff. One night I was at home talking to my little sister (a friend of mine that I consider a little sister to me) on Skype. As we were playing ''The Silent Game'' for fun, we heard a faint ''hello, how are you folks tonight?'' We was frozen thinking who said that?

Later that night after me and my little sister signed off of Skype, I turned on this home monitoring security program on my laptop and pointed one camera near the door and one near the living room window. In the picture I'll be uploading in the cyan (light blue) circle, my monitoring security program captured an actual image of a person (spirit) walking from right of living room towards my chair to the left.

At first I thought it was me, but I was taking a shower at that time. I couldn't believe what I saw, and I showed the image to my mother who is a paranormal and horror fanatic. She pointed out that it was a true real spirit. All this paranormal happens only on nights my father is at work, and I'm home alone. - Ghost picture submitted by Mike

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