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I took a picture of a house I went to look at in Garrettville. My son (who is 5) said there was someone in the window watching us, I saw nothing but I took a picture. I did get a mean face looking back at me in the photo.
I later found out from the agent the house is said to be haunted by an old man! Creepy!.
approximately 2006. - Ghost picture submitted by Chris

Comment by Matt:
Hi, this photo is very convincing. So you and your son saw it but only he only saw it without the photo.
approximately 2014.

Comment by Chris:
Yes, my son was 5 at the time. This was taken Oct 2008. I later spoke with the person who lived there and he said it is haunted. When we were there my son was very upset and did not like the house. He kept telling me the man in the window was mad at us.
No one was there. There was a person doing yard work outside next door and at the time I thought he meant that person. When I later looked at the pictures at home is when I too saw the face. The real estate agent told me the house was said to be haunted.
approximately 2014.

Comment by Shawn:
I live in that house, it is haunted.
approximately 2014.

Comment by Chris:
Shawn - do you still live in the house? Still having experiences?
approximately 2015.

Comment by Kristin:
What is the street name and address?
approximately 2016.

Comment by Andy:
It looks like someone is wearing a clown mask. Zoom in on it and look at the eyes. Looks like a mask. Will give $5. 00 if I'm wrong, but that's what it looks like, and I've seen a lot a lot a lot a lot of ghosts.
approximately 2018.

Comment by anonymous:
Is this Parkman Ohio.
approximately 2019.

Comment by Bruce:
I lived there just before this picture. That room is the room my 3 year kept seeing a man in at night time. My sister best friends wife and I heard it walking rolling things on the floor running hard up and down the hall etc... Daily. It's why we moved!

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