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Here are two photos of a six year old boy and his four year old brother. The shots were taken with infrared film, which captures reflected heat. (''regular'' film captures reflected light) hence, the ''off'' colors.
The boys were fans of the incredible hulk, who is green. Infrared generally photographs Caucasian skin as green, and I just wanted to have fun. Then the slides came back. In the first photo, the older boy's head is transparent.
He was wearing a plain white shirt, although in the photo we see what appears to be a face--eye sockets under his shoulder, nose centered below the eyes, mouth across the boy's waist. In the valance above the shutters is something white that has a skeleton-like appearance, not visible to the naked eye.

At the bottom of the middle shutter is a small red light, and another light toward the top of the next panel to the left. I don't know what those are. In the second photo, the colors are brighter--more energy in the room, more heat to photograph.
The boy's head is transparent, with a plant behind him clearly visible through his head. There is a shadow on his shirt behind his folded hands, but no face like on the previous photo. The boy's face is not the face that belongs to this child.
It is an old man's face. The red lights are gone from the shutters, but the skeleton face in the valance is more apparent. When I run out the slide on both of these shots, the face on the shirt in photo 1 and the face superimposed on the child's face in photo 2 is the same face.

It matches the face of a gentleman who died in their house many years ago. . - Ghost picture submitted by Diane

Comment by anonymous:
If you look at the right of the skeleton face then you will see a little boy who looks like a four year old.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Diane


Patty at the pinball was shot in a local basement game room. The ''fog'' is the energy drawn by the ghost, the energy he needed to manifest. It turned out that this ghost was attached to patty, not to the house.
It caused her a great deal of trouble. It has since been dispatched to the plane of existence where it really belongs. Patty is fine now. - Ghost picture submitted by Diane

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The ghost in the bookcase is a regular visitor to the home where he lives. He is more apparent in warm weather. He never moves, he is always in the bookcase. Actually, there is more than one ghost here.
The larger face is bisected right down the middle by the frame of the bookcase. There is a smaller face, harder to see. It is directly above the eyes of the primary ghost, laying sideways on the shelf above.
There also seem to be two faces within the primary face. They are smaller, each a 3/4 view, looking toward the nose of the primary face. I masked the bookshelf with black paper to block reflections, and the faces and the aura are still there. - Ghost picture submitted by Diane

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This photo was shot at a Satan worship site outside Loudonville. There were at least 12 of these guys up in the air looking down on me. When I took the film to the processor, he had all kinds of trouble with his equipment, including a fire.
Long story short, he asked me to never set foot in his business again. (he had been my processor for 11 years. ) originally a slide, the white streaks are tears where the slide jammed in the slide tray every time I showed it.
Several people believe that yellow spot palpitates when they look at it. Of course, that would be impossible--wouldn't it? . - Ghost picture submitted by Diane

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