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I also live in Indian Trace and we have had some weird things happen. I attached a picture I took of my son outside my porch door. You will see exactly what I saw when you look at it. The dryers have spontaneously started and turned off when no money was put in them.
My son has also pointed to the wall and said he saw a woman. He has had a number of crying fits for no seeming reason as if he got hurt, and when I would pick him up he would go limp... Weird stuff. - Ghost picture submitted by Valerie

Comment by Observer:
You need to get the demon away from your son! If your son is acting strangely as you mention in your description of photo you need to get out of that place! If you love your son you will act immediately! These are not ghosts of dead people. They are demonic entities!.

Comment by Zaul:
He is right, you need to get your son out of there or get a priest to bless the house.

Comment by a reader:
If the activity continues and you want to have an investigation contact me via email: bewaechterin at yahoo dot com. I'm local and a scientist.

Comment by Alyssa:
Please don't listen to people about demons. You can't always just move on a whim, and I don't think they are demons anyway. But this is really interesting.

Comment by Chris:
The weird thing is in the image it doesn't even look like a person so much as a doll. It has no distinguishing features but has dusky skin long black hair and is sitting the way a Native American person would sit, but the clothes look absurdly well made. Again less like something a native person would actually wear themselves and more like how you might dress a doll. I'm kind of lost for words here. It makes very little sense to me.

I think I've figured out what's going on-- especially since literally every single post regarding Oxford oh seems to be regarding the Indian trace apartments.
Has anyone ever heard of the northwest Indian War? In the last 1700s the US began trying to fully settle Ohio and Tennessee, and it led to every single remaining tribe in the Great Lakes region banding together and declaring war on the US collectively. The US built a fort to work out of where modern day Cincinnati is now, and there is very little telling where battles took place much of the time because it was all still mostly unsettled wilderness in western Ohio back then.

Hell, we still have difficulty identifying where battles happened in the war of 1812, 20 years after this conflict. The person in question appears to be Native American, but they are wearing what looks like an altered US military uniform, so they are either a warrior who taught with America or someone who took and perhaps altered a uniform as a trophy before they died where you are. When your kid describes them as a woman, it is possible that this is a transgender person-- born as a woman but lived as a man-- who fought and died there. Or the long hair and foreign features are throwing him, or somehow a native woman got caught in the crossfire there. Who knows?

I absolutely do not encourage an exorcism especially with everything going on there. They may not speak English, but they didn't believe in your God in life, and frankly in Native culture a challenge made to the spirit world is asking for war. They do not and will not respond well to that.

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