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I moved in last year and bought this home that was sitting here on Main Street for five years. Well, we have company. Many things happen. There are strange things such as noises walking up and down stairs and footsteps. I caught a girl in live facebook this past Christmas in my phone. My animals bark at the air. My basement door creaks and is closed. This happens multiple times.

I got EVPs, and I used a ghost hunter app, and the words came through crazily and in two-and-three-word sentences. We have been replacing walls since we moved in, and every time I pull down a section the activity increases. Someone has called my phone eight times in three days from three digit numbers. You answer, and it's nothing. You call back, and the operator says it's a nonworking number (316, 220, 530, 313, etc. ) I took it as messages and angel numbers, only explainable thing I could come up with.

I've caught orbs beyond orbs moving in videos. We see lights, and the energy is intense. We live right across from Smithville Mennonite Cemetery. My home is indeed haunted I have evidence of it on camera, film, and EVP as well as Ovulus. I knew something wasn't right, but it felt OK. Well each day is a new adventure here. I've gotten used to it, kids and hubby too, but it's annoying. We tried having people rid them, and they return. I saged it; I blessed it. You name it. I also salted the house, and still they play, so I'm searching history as much as I can find, but it's difficult. Nothing is documented in archives. You wonder what really went on here. It's gotten to my health and heart now. I thought I was having a heart attack. Yet people still don't believe us. - Ghost picture submitted by Kira

Comment by Rhonda:
I would love to explore your house hauntings.

Comment by Rhonda:
I would love to explore your house hauntings.

Comment by Anonymous:
If I were you, I would get a roommate if you live alone, so you have someone to witness it with you. When I moved into a house like that I have 3 or 4 roommates, so 2 can stay in basement or can stay upstairs. If it won't stop, call ghost hunters or something.

Comment by Rev. John:
Are you still having problems with your home at this time? If so, you can e-mail me at rev. johnhferrelliii to contact me at this time. I can figure a time to meet you and your family to help if I can. I am in Wooster, Ohio so not far from you. If you are OK with sending your address, perhaps I can help you bring this to a closure for your family.

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