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I live in the Sunset Apartments on Delta. When I first moved in the front door would always unlock and open on its own. My friend claims her husband was possessed by whatever is here. He is in prison for attacking her daughter and mother. I thought I was going crazy for the longest seeing things. I found 3 soot foot prints on my ceiling ones. Items have been thrown. People close to me have seen and heard things as well as witness things being thrown. TVs turn on and off on their own as well as lights. Cabinets open and close. You can always hear what sounds like marbles dropping. I heard a growl interrupt a song being played on YouTube. My camera went crazy once, and two weeks later I found a picture. I am uploading it. Water turns on by itself as well. You can hear knocks on the door with no one there. I have had my apartment blessed several times. The first time it growled and hissed at me, and the preacher as well as knock and pound. Eventually it pushed me and a neighbor. The second cleansing has seemed to help for the most part. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

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I have lived in my house for fifteen years now, and every since I was little I always knew there was something in my house. I would always hear things and footsteps in my house when I was the only one home. There was one night when I was home alone and on FaceTime with one of my friends. We both heard a very loud noise. I had thought that someone had broken into my house, but when I went out of my room every light was on, every light upstairs and downstairs. Even the basement light was on. I was the only one home, and my friend on FaceTime witnessed everything.

I till this day refuse to be home alone. If everyone leaving, and I have nowhere to go I'll just sit outside. I won't stay in that house alone. During the summer I had taking a picture of me and posted it on Instagram and Facebook. Little did I know I wasn't the only person in the picture. It was not till the end of the summer that I was making it my Twitter icon, and then I realized there was something behind my shoulder. It was a woman with long black hair coming from the basement. At first I tried to solve it, but there's no way that anything in my house could have cast a shadow. Till this day I still can't figure it out. She's not mean. That's the only time I have ever seen her. But that's it. - Ghost picture submitted by Unknown

Comment by Sandie:
If you stare at it, it looks like a hairdo from the 20s.

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