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It was a Friday and me and my friends decided to go out in the woods down by the old town cemetery. We got there and it was about 5 in the afternoon. We went into the woods and everything was OK until we heard a scream.
We raced towards the scream but then we noticed we were lost. We started back along this weird curved path type thing. But it led to this pond area. Then we heard the scream again. It was like it was right next to us.
But there was nothing there. We started running away from the area... Me and one of my friends looked back and our youngest friend that was with wasn't there so we raced back to get him. We found him beside the pond staring blankly into the pond.

Then he turned and gave us a creepy smile. We were so scared that we stood there for a while then we turned and sprinted for the cemetery. He chased us till we reached the trespassing sign. Then he dropped to the ground and his chest like went up but the rest of his body was on the ground{weird}.
We decided to pull him across the no trespassing sing and then he was OK. Later that week we decided to do some research and found out there was a family that used to live in those woods. It was a mother father daughter and son.
We read that the son drowned his sister in that pond and she is said to not have left that area to get revenge.... - Ghost picture submitted by Kristen

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