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Dakota is like a hidden gem that most people don't think about but the woods surrounding it are just the opposite. I have lived here in Dakota my whole life and the woods were always a fun place to play build forts and do all those fun things that any little kid would enjoy.
In the woods behind the elementary school there was a trail that led up the hill to a very old cemetery. The cemetery had this beautiful view over the little town but it gave off this very unique feel.
It had many toppled grave stones and dark trees. The cemetery became a hideaway for me, it was both quiet and lovely and I loved to take pictures there but I never would go at night. I wasn't afraid of this place but something told me to never go there once it was dark.

One morning after a fresh snow I went on a walk up the overgrown trail to the cemetery. I always tended to go there early in the morning so that I wouldn't run into anybody and raise suspicion, after all why would a little girl want to walk all the way up there on a cold winter morning by herself? I got up to the top of the hill and saw the grave stones poking up over the sunrise.
The snow was beautiful in the trees but it was not perfectly laid on the ground like every other yard in Dakota. The gravel road to the cemetery was not even plowed yet but there were foot prints of all sizes in the snow of the cemetery.
I stopped to make sure they were not just deer tracks, but you could specifically see the shape of the foot and heel in the snow. The foot prints had appeared from nowhere and unlike the trees and bushes the tops of the gravestones had no snow on them as if they had been wiped off.

Just like I wandered the cemetery I also knew they did to and I was never alone. As I walked the cemetery I knew they were there, I always did but I was not afraid, the cemetery was always my second home. Welcome to Dakota... - Ghost picture submitted by Rose

Comment by Bj:
Where is the ghost? I don't see it.

Comment by Neal:
There are a few demons there the ghosts you felt help you.. You have a rare gift few of us have.

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