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This ''Event'' Happened to me and my friends at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery here in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. I do not believe in spirits or ghosts and I am a man of science, but this occurrence was really very frightening for me and my friends, and what's weird is it has happened more than once. When I was in high school in Eden Prairie I used to go visit my friend who lives close to this cemetery and sometimes I would sleep over. One night after getting some Cokes at a nearby Super America we decided to walk over to Pleasant Hill Cemetery for fun. It was about 3 in the morning and a very clear windless night but not very dark out considering it was almost a full moon. We came upon this rather large grave ''shown in the picture'' that had a single white candle atop it. It seemed really rather odd to see this candle sitting on the headstone and not on the bottom part or ground. Me and my friend both smoked cigarettes so we both had lighters on us. I tried to light the candle but my lighter wouldn't work at all. So my friend stepped up and lit the candle. It gave off an eerie glow for about a minute and made me shutter. Just then it went out as if blown out by a strong wind. However, you couldn't have had a clearer night out with no wind what so ever. At that exact moment my friends cell phone rang with a blocked number. He answered it but you could only hear light static on it almost like white noise a TV makes. We listened for the entire 30 seconds or so then the call dropped. We left right away after that and talked about what happened on the way back. One thing was apparently clear after some discussion. Why hadn't my lighter worked and his did, was it because I have never owned a cell phone and he did and only a person with a cell phone could light the candle? When I tried my lighter at my friend's house it worked just fine but at the graveyard it wouldn't light despite no wind. Who called my friends phone at 3 in the morning with a blocked number. Only him and I were the ones that knew about us going to the graveyard, and it was a sporadic thing so no one could be playing a trick on us. There simply was no time for my friend to plan a prank since I was the one that suggested we go there. I said earlier it happened on more than one occasion but to a different friend who went there by himself one night on a bike ride. He said he was in a bad mood and rode there to think early in the morning. He got a similar call on his cell phone with that static. There really is no way to verify his story but I tend to believe him since I had it happen to me. - Ghost picture submitted by Joel

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I can see two ghosts at the back.

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