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I've heard rumors of this haunted bridge, Crazy Annie's Bridge. I googled it and later decided to drive down there at about 11 pm with a couple of friends. You drive down there, turn your car and headlights off, and then sit and wait. You don't have cell service. Everyone experienced something different. We all heard children screaming, saw things run by the car, and heard crying of people and animals. We've seen children playing on the bridge. You feel like you are constantly being watched. If you decide to go out there, stay on the bridge and respect her land because we've seen the outcome of disrespecting her and her land. It isn't pretty! We have taken an EVP recorder and said everyone's name and where they were in the car. This isn't just a rumor. It's real. Research it for more information! It's hard to tell from the picture but look behind the girl in the back window. - Ghost picture submitted by Chelsey

Comment by Sonia:
I see spirits every day, and I hate it. I see many in this photo along with writing. Good one! Be careful though. Going to where a place is known to be haunted is inviting spirit activity in your life. They look to attach to humans. They will drain your energy, and next thing you realize you need deliverance from demonic oppression. Happened to me.

Comment by Laura:
I drive past Henderson regularly (boyfriend lives in St. Peter) and really want to check this out. Are people allowed to park there at night? I just don't want to do anything illegal/trespass anywhere. Thanks!.

Comment by Autumn:
A friend of mine went there, and they got out of the car thinking that the whole legend was bs. They were sitting on the edge of the bridge with their backs against the car. They saw a pair of red eyes and then many pairs. They got spooked and hopped back in the car. It wouldn't start at first, and the eyes seemed to be getting closer. Finally the engine turned over, and they floored it. When they got out of there and exited the vehicle they found deep claw marks into the paint on both sides of the car.

Comment by Bron:
Dang, wish I could go there but I live a aways from there.

Comment by Bron:
Anyway, to plan a trip? Lol.

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