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In 2009, me and my family were living somewhere close to the college, and I was home alone. I was sitting at the computer looking up some anime pictures, because I love anime pictures and movies.
So 20 mins later I got very cold. So I went to get my blanket then went back to the computer. And then I heard a young woman about 24 years of age calling my name. I said '' what do you want? '' thinking it was my mother, but of course I was alone.
And then I heard an older woman some what around 40-50 years of age say ''shh'' as if telling the younger woman to be quiet. After that, everything stopped being weird. Then after around 20-30 min have passed, I heard something being knocked down in my bathroom.

But I ignored it. After that I heard something to be appeared to be a toddler. The toddler must have been 3 years of age. Now it is around 9:00 pm and I really was scared, because I thought I heard someone calling my name again but closer to my ear.
After I had heard that I ran outside and sat on my lawn and cried. Now I heard a cry of the same toddler say '' mama I hurting'' real loud. And then I ran to a neighbor and I was crying and I told them that I was home alone and I was playing with my friend and her mom called the cops on my parents.
For at least making my own decisions , I wanted to stay home alone that day, but all I needed was someone to tell me everything is OK. Here is a picture I have took in that house 3 days later. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

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