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I moved into a house when I was three years old. The house is on 29th and 3rd Avenues north. The house is built in 1929 and originally belonged to a wealthy family. The first night we moved in something strange happened. We were all settled in, and we were all asleep. I had a toy box with two half lids downstairs in one of the bedrooms. Then about middle night we heard a big bang that sounded like someone broke into the house. There were was only me, my mom, and dad, and we were all asleep. My dad went downstairs with a baseball bat and checked it out. He searched the whole house, and nothing was there.

About eleven years later my aunt was in a paranormal group, and we decided to try doing audio voice recorders and taking pictures around the house. We were in one of the bedrooms downstairs. It was also my playroom. When I was younger we had someone in the group take a picture of me, my aunt and dad. Before we took the picture she said ''if anybody wanted to get in the picture, come stand by Kathrine'' (me. ) We looked at the picture and saw that there was an orb standing right by me. In the audio recording a little girl was also saying ''let's play. '' I got numerous other recordings of this little girl. Also in one of the other bedrooms downstairs my aunt took a picture, and by the dartboard you can clearly see an orb. About two years ago my mom passed away in this house, but that was before we had these encounters with that little girl. - Ghost picture submitted by Kathrine

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