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This picture is a little weird. I took a pic earlier and we saw a little boy in the corner and I asked if there was anyone that wanted to take a pic with my brother and this is what showed up to me looks like there is a green kind of deformed face standing right in front of my brother.
Really don't know if there ghost or not but it sure seems odd that in almost every pic I took there is a face a image of a body hands etc. I took almost 30 pretty cool pics. - Ghost picture submitted by Randy

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This picture looks like something behind my brother? But I was messing with the brightness and contrast and you can see a woman to the right of my brother looks like she is standing in a doorway and is wearing a dress or gown. - Ghost picture submitted by Randy

Comment by anonymous:
Sorry but at one portion of the upper photo is simply your brother's leg being reflected upward. Look at your brother's (actual) left arm. Immed. To the right the light area next to his elbow is his tennis shoe dimmed. Above that the fleshy colored area is his leg/calf. Continuing upwards the white area is his shorts he's got on. And on and on as you move upwards. Either you moved the camera when you clicked the pic or he moved.

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This picture has a couple of things going on in the left hand side. You can see a woman's face with a big hairdo. And on the right hand side is a picture of a ghost with hands that is very clear that is hovering over my brother, also looks like a woman on the right hand side standing sideways.
We went fishing, and this happened because we were going to take pictures of the electric storm that went through. And we got all sorts of photos with strange things going on. These were taken on may 22, 2010 during a lightning storm.
We were camping at fort Randall next to Pickstown. - Ghost picture submitted by Randy

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