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We just came back from the Black Hills after spending a great week celebrating our birthdays. As part of our sightseeing we visited Jewel Cave one day, and we of course took our camera with us. During the exploration of the cave we took pictures, enjoyed ourselves, and thought nothing out of the ordinary about it. When we got back to our hotel that night we began to download our digital camera pictures into our laptop. It was then that we saw him. In one photo we were all walking in single-file down a steep ramp, holding on to the railing because of the steep incline. Immediately in front of us was walking a very young and friendly Asian woman and then us. Her image appears clearly and solidly in front of us in the picture, but also in the picture now appears another figure.

It was the figure of a young man, naked down to his waist with long scraggly dark hair down to his shoulders. He was also wearing a baseball cap. We can see him only from the back. His hands appear to be tied or handcuffed behind him. His pants and undershorts are pulled halfway down his hips and behind. His flesh has the color and consistency of the walls of the cave, a greenish-brownish color as if from decomposition. It was looking totally different from the color and consistency of everyone else in the photo.

We did not recall such a person in the tour group, as he would definitely have stood out in our group of clean and conservatively dressed visitors. We looked at the picture a hundred times if not more. We amplified it; we minimized it; we tried changing the brilliance and sharpness to see if we could figure out what was going on. Nothing! He would always stand out from the rest of the people in the picture as having a totally different color and consistency of texture. One of us took pictures from the trip to the office. A coworker sent us in response an email containing mention of ghost apparitions at Jewel Cave. Could this have been one of them? Did we witness a ghost? This is not a normal photograph, as it contains the figure of someone who was not on the tour. We speculated later that the young man looks perhaps like an execution victim, especially since he has his hands tied or handcuffed behind him as if he were being marched off somewhere by someone else, perhaps to be killed. We wondered about all this over lunch this past weekend asking ourselves if he could have been killed and his body somehow dumped in the cave and now his spirit wants to reveal itself to have the whole thing investigated. Perhaps someone should investigate this from both a criminal and paranormal perspective. - Ghost picture submitted by Oscar

Comment by True Believer:
Wow, after looking at several pic's on this site this is the one pic I can't stop looking at. I agree with you Oscar, there is an important story behind this and I hope that it's all revealed someday. 9-17-13.

Comment by Dee:
The person in the picture has the grunge look of the 90s. Very cool and interesting picture.

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