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Oh boy, where do I start? Well the first time I was there, I was with 3 other guys. The passenger had a camera and as we were slowing driving down the road after turning around by the house deeper in, we noticed a cat on the side of the road.
We had the brights on and turned the camera to it. We watched the footage later, and there was no cat on it! You could hear us all talking about this cat that had been right in front of us but nothing! Other time I was there with a friend, about 2:30 Monday morning.
We noticed pools of red stuff in two different places, some of it running off towards the side when there was no hill. There was no fur, no guts, no footprints and the only tire marks were from my car.

We did get pictures. As we were parked there, we heard somebody walking passed the car and then somebody right behind us going ''Owwww.... Owww.... Owww... '' when we left road, my car suddenly fogged up.
When I turned on the defroster, two hand smears appeared on my windshield, one in front of me, and one in front of my friend. We hadn't touched the windshield and it wasn't there before, being right in our line of vision it was pretty annoying.
My friend took 2 pictures of the smear by her, same positioning. In one picture you can see a mans face next to the smear. My buddy was there once and when he was sitting in the car, he heard something running passed the car with chains.

He even captured the audio on the video camera. He also was stabbed by something after him and a marine were making the spirits angry. Paradise road is the only place where I experience deafening silence punctured by weird noises like a little boy giggling, the owwww's, chainsaws, and footsteps right next to me.
There's something going on out there. I'm still waiting for something major to happen though. . - Ghost picture submitted by James

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So I've been to Paradise 3 times. The first time was probably the scariest. It's 3:30 am on a Tuesday morning (I had school later, fml) and I am with a group of 4 guys. I drove all the way to the intersection where the road sign ''Paradise Rd'' was held and I had to switch seats with one of the guys, I had psyched myself out too much by then. We drove all the way through to get a feel for the road, and we saw one black cat one the way. Turning around we parked on the left side of the woods, turned our car off and listened. I had such a bad feeling I could barely look, but once I did I saw about five to a dozen bright orbs hovering around the base of the trees, and heard glass breaking (it was raining, so I doubt there was anyone taking a stroll in the woods at 3 am in this weather).Way to scared, my boyfriend and I stayed in the car while the other three guys decided to go into the woods, one believer and two skeptics (who saw the orbs) because they were not as scared.
They came running back saying ''dude, you guys have to come in the woods, you can totally hear faint screaming and someone talking.'' after a while everyone pretty much regrouped and watched from the car, and one of the guys (who was a skeptic) said ''okay, I just saw a face peer out from a freaking tree, that kind of freaks me out.'' we left soon after that, and after reviewing the pictures taken we caught a crystal clear mask looking face, looking dead on in the picture, perfectly symmetrical. The picture, however, not on my camera got deleted. The second time I visited was not as eventful, but I got and was able to upload this picture of a skull like face. I plan on going back soon, it's a definite thrill. Horror movies do not scare me anymore. - Ghost picture submitted by Aj

Comment by Greg:
Wow great story. After all the research I've put into paradise Rd I do think there is really something supernatural going on there. Also... If you travel all the way down Paradise Road to where it intersects with highway 18 you turn right onto 18 then take a quick left onto Coffee Road.
A few miles up Coffee Road is a huge abandoned house. I'm putting together an investigation of the road and especially the house. I'll probably won't post any findings here... Look on youtube in the near future.
Search paradise road coffee road investigation. Posted 5/26/2016.

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I was with my 3 friends Tom, Ryan, and Shawn. I brought my girlfriend Kora, and she seemed more scared than anyone. We started driving down the road and for some reason the car kept like staling, and there was a weird light that flashed in the bushes every time it stalled.
After I got out of the car to try and find this abandoned house I found it wasn't abandoned. Shawn was taking more pictures with his phone and it went completely black. When he mentioned the phone we heard cracks and rustling in the bushes.
We sped out and Kora wouldn't answer me for about 10 min. And the first thing she said was... We never, ever, ever go back there ever again. - Ghost picture submitted by Ronny

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