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Photo taken with 110 film camera lacking double exposure ability in early 90s. Was drilling pilot hole in window sill for blinds when photo was taken. It's been said that changing or altering structures can cause activity in haunted places.
A flash was used and it left a shadow behind vortex and vortex reflection also clearly seen in chrome lamp. This is a Frank Lloyd Wright design apartment building on Madison's south side. Many strange this go on in this apt.
And in building. Often saw a shadow figure with tall 1800s style hat and wearing a cloak in hallway of room in photo. Never told my girl about shadow as she would freak on that and want to move. But one day she asked if I ever saw anything in hall.

I said oh you mean the figure with cloak and hat that fades away as soon as you look right into it? Her jaw hit the floor as her face changed a few shades. She had something get onto bed next to her.
She called me and said ''I am waiting outside on porch until you come home. As I walked around the corner there she was 2 hours later still. Our cats would just stare, at times get spooked and run opposite way.
A maintenance man spent the night in empty apt. To finish paint job early next day for renting but was finished by another as he left in middle of night said will never enter that apartment again and would not talk about it.

Wanted to ask now residents but 4 times in a few years no name on mail box. - Ghost picture submitted by G W

Comment by Sallie:
Hello I used to live in this building back in 1997, and I lived in 2 different apts. The 1st apartment was an efficiency in the ''C'' wing of the building, C-17 to be correct. I never really felt anything I guess, until I moved into a 1-bedroom in the ''A'' wing, A-8 it was. I lived there alone but felt something weird in the hallway. It was like someone was always there, but I never saw anyone. Something about that building made me feel comfortable and at peace. I would definitely live there again.

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Owners and employees of the various businesses located in this building on Williamson St. in Madison, WI (now occupied primarily by a popular neighborhood pub and eatery) have many times heard the short whimper or crying of a baby only in the SW corner of the basement.
Also, ''The Whistler,'' a man who whistles very loudly was just yesterday whistling in my left ear only with few people in the building and who all have said they were not whistling. The employee who has worked in the building the longest (14 yr.) told me, ''oh, so you've finally met 'the whistler,' have you? He comes and goes, but is usually heard in one specific area, the stairwell. '' this occurred at 2:42 pm on Tuesday, may 20th. Two months prior to this while closing the bar alone, three inanimate objects ''flew'' through the air in a span of approximately 20 minutes.

The first was a (very) heavy hardwood barstool (30 lbs. ) , which landed 5 ft. From the bar. The second was a pint glass which came out of a enclosed pint glass rack, used for safely washing glassware in a commercial dish washer.
The third was an over-sized soup spoon, which went skidding across the floor. This was at approximately 3:00 am on March 26th, 2008. - Ghost picture submitted by Jacob

Comment by anonymous:
I could see a big mist between the girl and the guy and a tiny mist next to the guy.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Jacob

Comment by James:
I see a ghost image on the right side of the picture.


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