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Many reports of EVPs, photos of full bodied apparitions, shadow figures, footsteps, doors shutting, many loud (unknown)noises, voices-laughing, lights going out as well as batteries being drained on many things at once, and objects have been moved.

I never dreamed of my dream home as being haunted! It was not till a little more than a month of owning it (we had yet to move in due to construction. ) I was alone in the house counting knobs that I could reuse on the cabinets left behind. Someone was talking to me, but no one was in the house! The windows were shut tight (January. ) I quickly left. A bit freaked out I was told to take a recorder, so if I thought I had someone talking again I would be able to play it back and know what the noise may have been. That was just the beginning!!!

After taking the recorder on the next visit with us to remove snow from the roof, I thought maybe it was a one-time thing because I did not hear anything. That is till I played back the voice recorder!! There were so many other voices. They even said my name. I was not talking with them or trying to catch something. I was completely FREAKED out by this, so I had the entire place blessed and then again had paranormal people close whatever doors and do everything that is known to get rid of them. Almost nine months later I am learning to live with them. They are not as talkative but still speak out loud and several have shown themselves in pictures (when we were not looking for them. ) They make LOTS of noises and have turned out the lights as well as ran down the halls laughing. They make you think there are people in the home that may have broken in. It has been empty each time. - Ghost picture submitted by Charlotte

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