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Muskies in South Milwaukee. I have been there for the past 4 years and we have something paranormal or a ghost. It used to reside in apartment #3 above the bar. It has since moved to the basement. As of lately it has been poking around the newly open kitchen and the bar area.
We have 2 chefs that swear there is something there. They have all kinds of weird things happening. I don't know to much about it. But I did have a run in with it a couple times. I had to finally tell it I was not there to hurt it or bother it just needed to do my job.
And it has not bothered me since. Our chefs on the other hand decided to get to the bottom of it. Well the paranormal had other plans for them. The chefs decided to go on their own ghost hunt and I think it made the ghost real mad it now messes with them in the kitchen.

Stuff is moved or missing and they get cold spots. And it pushes or pinches them. I have to laugh at them cause they brought it upon themselves. You don't mess with what you don't understand. We have a Halloween party coming up and I have a feeling it's going to be very interesting.
We had the Tony and Mindi Pub crawl for leader dogs a couple of weeks back and my friend and I were taking pictures at all the establishments we went to. Well her camera worked awesome mine was to dark.
We got back to muskies and were taking pictures and guess who we found in our pictures. Believe me we were so freaked out. See picture below. We took pictures in three different areas of the bar and the hall and all three of these pictures turned out with this bright flash of light in front of the people.

So I know there is something there. No doubt about it.
approximately 2009. - Ghost picture submitted by C

Comment by Tobey:
Y'all are weird.

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