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A friend took this picture. Look closely and you will see a small hand, fingers open, under my left hand (above it) with my fingers closed. What do you think? ! :/. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
Hi. I'm the person who submitted the 'hand' px. If anyone has responded I haven't been able to find anything. I'm hopeful that someone experienced in this type of thing would examine the px and comment.
I saw a dark 'male' figure when I was young that paralyzed me with fear. Since then I've had many bizarre experiences but chose to try to ignore them. After this picture I decided to reach out for opinions from others.
Thank you.

Comment by Louise:
It really does look like a child's hand. Why were you shooting in infra-red? Is the small hand cooler? Good catch, creepy.

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Photograph of a ghost in the window. Also notice the strange lights on the wall. Is that another ghost?. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
There's something on the wall too. Please tell us more about this picture it looks like there are a lot of ghosts in it.

Comment by Dahliaa:
Ok this house is right on my block while I don't really see the ghost in this picture I personally have had experiences with this house.. When I was younger I would walk past this house and there would be a face in the upstairs window..
It's always been known as the ghost house to me.. I would hear voices coming from inside when I knew no one lived there.. I am sure that there is something going on there as I have seen numerous faces skulls etc in the windows of this house.

Comment by Sara:
I am currently living in this house with my family and I have had some strange things happen here and I worry about my children. Things seem to escalate over time and my cat gets weird on us. I was not told this was a haunted house. I knew nothing when I moved in, my daughter noticed first and came to me. I didn't believe her till I started hearing and seeing things on my own. I would like to find out what is going on here and why it's happening.

Comment by anonymous:
That is definitely a scary pic . You can see the eyes, face, and hair.

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