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I picked my son up from work. When he got home he jumped in the shower because a buddy of his was going to pick him up to go golfing. His buddy, Joe, pulled up right in front of our house, sitting in his car waiting on Adam.
I opened the front door and was trying to waive Joe down to tell him that Adam would be right out. Joe was on the phone looking out the passenger's window towards the house across the street and was on his cell phone.
He didn't see me. So, I went to the bathroom to tell Adam that Joe was here. He said, ''I know I have him on the phone. I told him I'd be right out. '' when Joe pulled up in front of our house, he was sitting in his car waiting on Adam.

He felt this chill come over him and his hair standing on ends on the back of his neck and arms. Out of his peripheral vision he could see something moving on the passenger side of the car. When he moved his eyes that way he saw a ghost.
It really freaked him out! He slid his cell phone up and snapped a picture of it. Then he got on the phone and called Adam on his cell phone and said, ''man, get out here quick!!! I just took a picture of a ghost floating by my car.
I'm serious, you've got to see this. This is really freaking me out!! '' I noticed how Adam was practically running out of the house with his golf clubs towards the car and just figured he was in a hurry to play golf.

Adam said Joe was really freaked when he got out there. Adam said, ''mom, wait till you see this picture. Joe said that it was going by his car really slow. You can see it's arms and it had a hooded jacket on so you couldn't see it's face.
But you can definitely see it from the waist up. Everyone at poker saw it last night and it freaked everyone out. You can see the neighbor's house through it and behind it. '' I have attached the picture that Joe took from his cell phone. . - Ghost picture submitted by Patty

Comment by Victoria:
I can see what looks like a bullet hole on top of his forehead. As well as his mouth open as if he is looking right at the passenger side screaming.

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