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One day my friends and I decided to go ghost hunting so we went to Armstrong Park as my friends have had past experiences there seeing a woman in a white dress. She looks like she is from the early 1900s.
Her hair is also white and she roams all over the park. Whenever I go to Armstrong Park now I always feel like I'm being watched and anytime after 8:00 pm I will see her walking around. One of my friends claims he has seen her eyes; they're glowing red.
Whatever you do don't go looking for her you could end up getting hurt. One of my other friends got her back scratched and it was bleeding, none of us were by her when it happened and we all saw the marks, they were gruesome.

I have caught her in a picture in between two planks of the rocket ship. I have classmates who have seen her in the park as well. I hardly go to Armstrong Park at night any longer. Even when I go during the day-time I always feel like I'm being watched and I feel like something wants to hurt me.
There is a brighter side to this haunting though. There is a boy in the rocket ship that keeps the woman in white from hurting the innocent people who go to the park. A few of my friends and I know about him but not many people do.
One of my friends communicated with him and learned that the woman in white had in fact killed him. He also wears clothes from the early 1900s. Whatever you do at Armstrong Park just don't go looking for the woman in white and try not to think about her, otherwise you will see her, yet she will not acknowledge you. - Ghost picture submitted by Alyssa

Comment by Adam:
There has been no murder of any kind in or around Armstrong Park in Carol Stream's history or since the park's inception not anywhere near the park. From the writing style it is obvious that the post was written by an adolescent youth. The photo shared is of no substantial evidence. It essentially validated no claim and proves nothing.

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