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I lived in River Oaks Village which is now known as Lincoln Place. It's the trailer park down the road from Devil's hole. It is because of this place that I became a ghost hunter. Devil worshippers have slaughtered goats and threw their carcasses in hoping to appease or worship the devil. People have been harmed down there by either the living or possibly something supernatural. I have had several encounters down there.

My brother and I have tried to cleanse Devil's hole with a exorcism right on Halloween night. One of our dumber decisions for as we were nearly finished the ritual a cloudless full moon night turned into one of the worst storms Riverton has ever seen. Lately I took a ghost hunting team down to the road that leads directly next to Devil's hole.

My van that we were in had a backup sensor. As we are parked there, we got increasingly sure that there was something watching us and making us paranoid, so I put my van into reverse. There were three light indicators in the back of my van showing me if I was getting close to an object. The minute I put my van in reverse the first light indicated that I was getting close to an object. As we sat there with my foot on the brake pedal, the second light turned on indicating that I was closer to the object.

By this time everyone was getting rather nervous because the van wasn't moving, yet whatever was behind me was getting closer at which point suddenly the indicator let me know that I was immediately about to hit an object. The beeping noise indicated that I was getting up to the point of hitting something. Needless to say, everyone in the vehicle started to freak out, and I floored it in reverse on to the road and drove off as quickly as I could.

This location is no joke and is extremely dangerous. Not to mention that it is private property which the Riverton Police Department and occasionally Springfield Police Department will drive past to make sure that minors and trespassers are not on said property. This is to keep you off of private property. This is also to keep stupid people who would be dumb enough to go down there at night from being either hurt by supernatural forces or by the unscrupulous devil worshippers who do occasionally go down there to perform their unholy ceremonies.

I with sincere and honest respect suggest simply driving past and slowing down while not in fact stopping if you wish to remain safe or those with you to remain safe. Don't be stupid like me.

I took this photo during the day, and even then the photographer and I had to leave in a hurry we saw an eyeless male walking down the path towards up with a noose around his neck (there were rumors that African American males were unceremoniously hung down there in the trees by people around Riverton in the late 1800s early 1900s). - Ghost picture submitted by TheGrizz

Comment by Adam:
Bros crazy.

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