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There is a public housing development in Vienna, Illinois where a woman who was in her 50s lived, was sick and diagnosed with cancer. The woman was prescribed many different medications which she took to help her feel better. Time and time again her prescription medication would come up missing from the medicine cabinet in her bathroom which as you can imagine must have been frustrating as she needed her medication to feel better.

After this happened a few times the woman turned to her parents who are both still alive and well into their 80s for help. They could come up with no explanation to where the medication was going, and there was no way of knowing if it could possibly be someone who knew the woman and had been stopping by to visit with her that could be taking it out of her medicine cabinet when she was not looking, so they decided to put a trail cam inside the apartment facing the bathroom door in the hopes that they would be able to catch the person responsible for stealing the meds.

The camera was one like the cameras hunters set up in the timber to scout for deer and other wildlife. They set up the camera and waited to see what they might capture on film. Unfortunately the woman lost her fight with cancer a short time later, and her death was just a few years ago in 2019.

Needless to say, her parents were quite upset over the loss of their daughter and began thinking about the missing medication and who could have done such thing. They remembered the camera they had set up in the apartment and decided to have a look and see if the trail cam had recorded anyone stealing their daughter's prescriptions meds from the bathroom.

They pulled the SD card from the camera and began reviewing the pictures that had been recorded. Both the mother and father were angry and disturbed by what they saw on the camera's SD card. They were angry because what they found was that it was the woman's ex-husband who had been stealing her meds when he would stop by to visit and couldn't believe he would do such a thing or why, but it was what else the camera had recorded that had them feeling extremely disturbed and frightened.

The camera is looking over the top of a wicker chair and into the bathroom. The first photo is exactly as the camera had recorded it, and the second one I touched up to make the picture a little bit clearer. The first time I saw this picture all the hair on by body stood up, and chills ran down my spine. It is definitely disturbing to say the least. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Izzy:
Whoa this picture is super creepy.

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