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What is this white bright object on the left side of bed? It's supposed to be a wood door and wood floors showing. - Ghost picture submitted by Fields


The guy standing behind my daughter's selfie is a ghost or something... Not human that I know. - Ghost picture submitted by Fields

Comment by Diane:
If you look at this picture a certain way it looks like a small kitten. I believe animals have souls too and can come back in spirit.

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We have lived in a house near the 300 block of South Hickory for about 15 years now. Over that amount of time we have had things disappear and then reappear in a spot we had previously looked and knew they were not there. The cupboard doors will swing open by themselves, and then a few moments later they will all slam shut by themselves.. There is an eerie feeling like we are being watched at night, and sometimes during the day.. I remember when I was a young child probably twelve or thirteen years old I had a CD player pick itself up off of my bed in my room and throw itself against the window sill and break into lots of pieces. We have also seen apparitions, shadow figures and heard whispering coming from nowhere when there is no one in the house. One time I walked into the front door and there was an old man with white hair standing in the kitchen, but it was not like our kitchen, it was completely redesigned.. He asked me if I would like a cup of coffee.. Without thinking and somewhat in shock I said ''I don't like coffee''. I turned around and opened the front door because I was still shocked and knew this could not possibly be real, but when I turned around again the old man was gone and the kitchen was back to normal again. My brother works night shift and was awoken when something grabbed him and pulled him up from the bed by his wrist.. He yelled at it to let go of him, but it would not.. he tried to punch at it, but it would not let him go still.. I have taken Numerous photos of strange apparitions with several witnesses present and I will attach one for you all to see.. I have also gotten many EVP's Electronic Voice Phenomenon in this house and outside on the property as well.. Multiple spirits.. Electronic Devices switch themselves on and off randomly, and Items will move themselves.. For example my mother has a collection of knick knacks Porcelain and what not, She places them in specific positions and no one touches them yet somehow they are always facing the wrong direction when we see them again. Another thing is Every time I or my family talk about the spiritual activity it seems to pick up.. Something weird always happens. We have had guests over and we have had a few of them walk out of the house and not want to come back because they either saw something they shouldn't have seen, ''most of them will not tell us what they saw''. Mostly in the kitchen which is a straight stretch from the living room where we are most commonly entertaining and if we are watching a movie usually we keep the lights off in the kitchen.. I think maybe they might be seeing the shadow people in there, but I am not sure. We have gone through and tried to debunk a lot of this activity, but so far have been primarily unsuccessful in our attempts. - Ghost picture submitted by Cybres

Comment by anonymous:
Woman with a weird body shape and a tail.

Comment by Anonymous:
Cool pic! Thanks for sharing!.

Comment by Ck:
You can get rid of all that supernatural stuff if you want. I have experienced things my entire life, and it was a blessing. A blessing because Jesus Christ woke me up to have me clean up my life. I submit to him and nothing happens to me anymore. I am not saying you all bring this stuff on yourself or you might have unholy objects in the house which most all people do without knowing. The bottom line is to get right of these evil entities. Let me know if you want some advice or just keep doing what you are doing. Most people don't see the evil entities because evil like to blend in. You are blessed to see them happen. God bless!.

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