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Check out these photos I took last November when my son was visiting from Omaha. I recently moved back to Kansas after ending my career of 32 years in education. When we went up to Coronado heights I got goose bumps and chills when entering and hesitantly went up the stairs.
Once up there I took the attached photos and the photos before and after do not have these apparitions. However, some have speculated that it is hair or dirt on my camera lens within the family but I believe differently.
When we left the castle we walked around the rest of the grounds and came to one of the outer buildings as we got closer to the one I found out later was also the bathroom. (did not know this bit of information at the time).

I got chills real bad and had a sick feeling to my stomach and told my husband and son to turn around immediately because I felt an uncomfortable presence there. Come to find out some years ago a young girl was murdered and thrown down the ladies side of the outhouse.
Did not have a clue about these facts at the time. I will never go up there again. Please see attached pictures. You can blow them off or believe. I know what I felt and what I believe. Darn, I could only upload one picture.
The other two reveal a black haze over the tops of our heads and a white haze at the exit to go back down the stairs. - Ghost picture submitted by Gail

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I have lived in Salina since 1999 and have read many stories about Salina's ''hauntings''. Well me being a major ghost story lover I decided to check out some of these stories. One of which was the haunting of Coronado Heights just outside of Salina.
Unfortunately the scariest thing about Coronado heights is the drive up and down that hill. When arriving to the ''haunted'' location the only thing I found was a bunch of drunk bikers. Also I am into fishing, so one night I decided to go to Lakewood over night to fish.
Nothing out of the normal happened. I'm not saying these locations are not haunted, just saying that I have never encountered anything to make me think otherwise. Although after seeing multiple people on this site refer to Indian rock Park and their experiences, I think I just might have to look more into that one.

If I do happen to find anything I will post about it on this site for others. - Ghost picture submitted by Valerie

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