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Tried to recreate this picture several times. Had multiple from the same day then on another day. Emailed the Anderson House and they wouldn't look at the picture and said there were no portraits in that room. No idea about explanation on the face in the left window. Taken 4-24-12. - Ghost picture submitted by Angela

Comment by Curious&curiouser:
Awesome pic! I see the face!.

Comment by Julie:
That looks like a mirror.

Comment by Deborah:
I was raised in Lexington, MO till 13. I see that face so clearly and have had experience of happenings in my home in Blue Springs years ago.

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On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, I visited the Battle of Lexington, MO site, including the Oliver Anderson house. It was a warm, cloudy day. The guides at the visitor center told us that they only unlocked the house when doing tours; due to our time constraints we didn't take the tour but walked around the outside of the house and took pictures. We also walked across part of the battlefield to view the graves.

Both my 19-year-old daughter and I felt the house's ''creepy'' vibe. On the battlefield, I looked for mists and strained my ears for sounds of long-ago battles, but heard nothing except the lawnmower. I did feel that we were not alone as we walked across the fields, but the presences were not scary or hostile.

When I arrived home a couple of days later, I uploaded these images and was pleased to find a distinct face in one of the upstairs windows of the house, as well as some very odd shadows at the edge of the battlefield. My husband, who wasn't present, insists the image in the window must be a reflection of the tree directly below -- but none of the other windows have reflections, the sun wasn't shining when I took the photo, and the image in the window doesn't match the tree below. Notice the full picture of the house showing the cloudy sky and no window reflections anywhere. What do you think?. - Ghost picture submitted by M. Davis

Comment by David:
It does look like a person is looking out the window at the left side. But on the other side I do not see any shadows of anything.

Comment by Karen:
I have felt a presence and heard sounds coming from different parts of the house the many times I visited the Anderson House and Battlefield. The presence isn't dangerous or malevolent but more curious.
And not many people know this but the Civil War wasn't the only time the Anderson house was used as a hospital. The first time was in 1852 when the steamship Saluda exploded. Some of those presences could be some of the victims of that tragedy.

Comment by Kate:
Oliver Anderson built this house in 1853; therefore it could not have been used as a hospital when the Saluda exploded in 1852.

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