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My daughter was visiting family in Linn Creek this July. She took a picture of my mother-in-law getting poked with some darts. She looked at the picture the next morning and saw what looked like a woman in the kitchen holding onto the kitchen Island drinking something yellow. The whole family was in the living room, and there was no one else in the house. She had taken a second picture about 10 seconds later, and no one was there. - Ghost picture submitted by Amy

Comment by Lonesome Dave:
I see it. Definitely a woman's head and hand holding a glass.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Amy

Comment by Bokaba:
Does the house have a history of haunting activity? Assuming the image is not another object it is a pretty good solid full body apparition. With nothing else to go on this could be anything from a residual image of a past event to a psychic poltergeist to a powerful demonic entity.
If there is no activity it is probably safe to just let it go. If it bothers you try contacting a professional paranormal investigation team that will take care not to provoke activity or put ideas in your mind about what is going on.

Comment by Holly:
This is truly one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. If what you say is true you have some excellent evidence! I sincerely hope you will keep us updated and have investigators come out and take a look at the place. Amazing!.

Comment by Amy:
No further updates to report on this sighting. Our relatives that live in the home did not want to believe it could be anything paranormal and would not comment if they have witnessed any other sightings.
It definitely was something and we were hoping to visit again this summer to maybe catch it again in a photo but they are looking to move in the spring. I guess it will remain a mystery. It's been a very interesting story to tell though.

       Categories: creek, family, man

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