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Here is the Indian in fire pic. It is hard to see but there is even a stamp/seal in the lower right corner from the Nixa fire dept. I bought it when they were selling copies as a fund raiser. The story I got was ''a picture of an Indian chief, on a horse, with a hawk on his hand, standing in a fire when the fire department was burning an old building that was on an ancient Indian burial ground''. - Ghost picture submitted by Jeff

Comment by Standml:
How would I find out if I have the original photo of the chief in the burning barn? My name is Mark Standley from Portland, the former ranch of Mary Sherwood my great aunt who is dead now.
We were told this photo was the only frame that developed out of 350. I have had this photo for years and just now looked it up on the internet and saw the same image. No rush for a response. I'm just curious.

Comment by Keri:
There were many of these pictures printed. Our first one was ordered more than 20 years ago from the fire department-our 1st copy did not have a stamp. When it was damaged during a move several years later we ordered another-this one had a stamp.

Comment by Tammy:
How would someone go about getting a copy of this? Thank you.

Comment by Hope:
I too would like to get a copy of this beautiful picture... Can you send price and size please... Thank you Hope Myers , hopie_58

Comment by Heidi of Nixa:
You can call the Nixa, MO fire department and they will help you.

Comment by Cj:
I have this.. Received as a gift.. Do you also find the wolf (or 2) or the bear??.

Comment by Paul:
I could have sworn I have seen this photo from the Union Scream House in Missouri. There was also a book called the Uninvited about the house too.

Comment by Rolling Thunder:
What part of ''ancient Indian burial ground'' doesn't anyone understand?... White man once again has disturbed Native American sacred ground what you're seeing in the photo is a Native American spirit that is now ready to fight and defend our land. Disrespectful!!!.

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