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My family formerly owned some property. And I have enjoyed going there my whole life and through conditions of the sale of the property we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy it until all children pass.
It's our family's escape from ''city'' life. Everyone in my family (and other family friends) who often go down there can tell you some sort of story they can't explain from full bodied apparitions of an Indian man to shadows, mists, orbs in photos galore and my personal experience of the face in the bon-fire.
Some friends were staying in our cabin down there along with my husband and I we went four Wheeling fishing bbq (the normal camping thing) and started a fire. We threw a huge ''all nighter'' stump on the fire and got it lit then headed into the cabin to get our drinks and things to sit around the fire.

We came out only 45 minutes or so later and the stump on fire was giving off the distinct profile of what I think looks like an Indian wearing a head-dress with feathers maybe. We took many photos of the fire and many orbs showed up as well.
I was not the only one who got photos of the fire that night and was glad to share the sight with other people because it really was quite unbelievable and remarkable. I have American Indian in my blood line so I often feel a connection to nature the American Indian culture in general.
There are coyotes on the property so they howl in the woods and often gives the feeling that you are being watched or followed by someone or something. As a side note I spoke with a woman whose husband is highly active in American Indian ceremonies of all kinds kind of a spiritual guide possibly.

He was contacted and called because the remains of an Indian had been disturbed during the construction of the plant. This is no official statement but this man's wife told me that holcim did not want any bad karma so they felt the need to seek a have a ceremony performed for the deceased.
She vividly explained the whole ceremony to me the spirit of the Indian and the feather trimmed gown he wore. She went on to explain that the spirit needed the ceremony in order to be at peace and explains literally seeing the Indian's clothing as it ascended commenting on how it ''raised it's feathers.
'' after work that day I remember thinking about the fact that this further validates all the sightings down there and look forward to doing investigations down there soon!. - Ghost picture submitted by Anna

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