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In April of 2016 some of my family and I went to the Gilbert Cemetery (which is between Friend and Dorchester) to take pictures. It was our first time there, and is was so sad to see that so many headstones were vandalized. As we walked around the cemetery, I was snapping pictures, and after I returned home I was going through them. That was when I noticed what was in the picture. We did not see this with our own eyes, and we were not aware that it was present. It appears to be a shadow person, and the back ground can be seen through this dark figure. - Ghost picture submitted by Natalie

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There have been many reports of figures or shapes moving around in the 2nd floor of the city hall building. I finally saw it for myself earlier this year in March, 2009 and hurried and took a picture with my cell phone.
It truly looked like the outline of a person staring outside the window, the person had weird facial features and it was just very, very eerie. I have shown it to several friends but they think I am making it up. - Ghost picture submitted by Bradly

Comment by Angela:
Even behind the white face looking out the window there is a boy standing behind him with his hand holding his chin.

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Gilbert's Graveyard, located about 5 miles SW of Dorchester, is a graveyard where lies the Gilbert family who lived as Pioneers in the 1890s. Apparently, John Gilbert (who is not buried in the cemetery…his ashes are located at Friend Library) was an agnostic and he did not belong to a church.
At one point, Dr. Frank Hamilton of Friend asked John Gilbert to renounce agnosticism and become a Christian. Gilbert reportedly went into a seizure that last approximately 2 minutes and included muscle jerking, facial congestion, bloodshot eyes, and the excessive ''licking of his lips'' purportedly due to a dry mouth.
During the attack John Gilbert was said to have ''venomously cursed god. '' Gilbert donated money to build the library in Friend, under the condition that his agnostic books would be kept on the shelves in the library.

The haunting: a number of strange events have been reported here. Among them, strange noises and the movement of tombstones. - Ghost picture submitted by The observer

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