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A big house by the school on 11th Street in Glenmora is very haunted. It is a rental property but seldom does any family stay in it more than one year before moving out or being forced out.
Years ago a guy killed himself in the front yard. Also it is said that a town official from many many years ago had legal documents for a family and when he went to the home (which was this house) as he was entering the front door someone from the family shot and killed him on the front porch doorway entrance.
There is a black moldy handprint on the left side of the white boards bordering the front door. This handprint has been bleached off and has been painted over but still manages to resurface and show up clearly.

People who have lived in the house have experienced their clothes dryer on the back porch power on by itself. The refrigerator has opened during the night. The door to bedroom across from the living room to the right opens itself in the middle of the night.
There is a deep storm cellar in the back yard that has been filled in with garbage dirt and debris. Who only knows what's under that stuff. There is a broken up cement slab in the middle of the back yard.
This is ''supposedly'' where an old shed used to be. Renters have seen what appeared to be a little boy about age five. While others have had music '' of London bridge is falling down'' come from the closet only to open it and find a doll in the closet.

This story was from a family with young boys who did not own and play with any old dolls. Late in the night sometimes the name ''Ira'' or ''Ida'' is heard in a low whisper. Another renter about 3 years ago moved out upon experiencing the most terrifying thing in her life.
She was in the main bathroom taking a shower late at night and the shower curtain was ripped open with nobody standing there but with a force causing her to fall and bump her head. This was two days after all her perfumes on the vanity outside that bathroom was nearly knocked off by such force of the slamming door...
And again no one standing there. Who is it or what is it? Nobody knows. But nobody stays there very long either. In the photo a man's face can clearly be seen.... On the tree. Is this where he hung himself? Is this who it is? Is he evil? Or can we take comfort under the wings on the roof of the house in the same photo.

It's possible those wings aren't very safe after all. If you're asking why? It's because of this reason. In the attic right under where these wings are beneath the roof and above the inside ceiling (basically...
In the attic) is what appears to be some sort of boards which form up what looks like it used to be some sort of cage. Is this where the doll came from that was playing London bridge music? Who is it ? What is it? To this day still nobody knows for sure but it is something. - Ghost picture submitted by I'saw'it

Comment by Kimberly:
I lived in this house for 3 years and never had any hauntings.

Comment by Hannah:
Lived in this house. Was not haunted. The expensive heating bill because of the poor insulation and high ceilings drove me out.

Comment by Curious George:
I thought it was a photoshopped image and got nosey and went to google maps to see if I could see more or find out more about this place. The images definitely are not photoshopped. But whoever posted this photo clearly got it from google maps so apparently it's not someone who actually lived there but someone who is just posting stories they've heard about this place.

Comment by Anonymous:
I used to live here with my kids. It would have been nice for the author of this story to give his or her name.
Besides that I do agree with the first two comment. The scary part is heating this place. You'll scream when you see your utility bills. Try $600 just for the gas... And that doesn't include electricity to power the furnace.
To the author of the story, Happy Belated Halloween to you too.

Comment by LadyofDrachynRidge:
This is awesome! We just moved in and knew nothing about this. My hubby's b-day is Oct 31, and this year's party is going to be the best. I hope our ghosties enjoy bloody Mary's. October is going to be freaking amazing! A blessed Samhain and happy hauntings!.

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