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I live out on Alford Rd and in a field next door is an old old little family cemetery. Since our 4 year old grandson has been staying here he talks to a friend whom he says is his ghost friend. I didn't think much about it until I started hearing things in house closing and opening.
One day we were in the living room and I heard water running from my bedroom. I went into there and the shower was running full force. I went and walked around the cemetery a week ago just to look at the names.
That night around 12 our grandson was lying in our bed talking I said okay tell your friend to go home. We had just gotten to sleep when my hubbys cell phone rang, he cut the light on and it was coming from my cell phone which was on the other side of room.

I got my cell laid it on my side table and said okay no more pranks little one. A few minutes later I noticed the light on my cell come on then the house phone rang went and answered it and it was from my cell phone.
I went the next eve right at dark and took random pics with my digital and when I put them on my computer to look it was awesome and scary.. Couple nights ago I looked up during the night and there was a black silhouette of a name standing over me by my bed.
Latest thing was yesterday right at dusk drove by graveyard and saw a black silhouette by tall Monuments, like it had on a long trench type coat. I wiped it in my drive about 100 ft and turned around , it was gone.

Nowhere to be seen.. Here are a couple pics taken that night. Would love to know something about the cemetery. - Ghost picture submitted by Cindy

Comment by Lydia:
Did your grandson ever tell you the name of his ''ghost friend''? If he did, you could go look for the name in the cemetery. I have a friend who runs a non-profit group in your area that would be able to investigate and find out what the spirits need, tell their story, and help move them on. I do feel like there are several spirits there and likely want something told, so they can move on.

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