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One night I was taking photos in our bathroom .. We had had paranormal activity before .. But nothing so clear as this has occurred .. Now as you can see there is a face slightly below the wood of the mirror..
Often you could hear sounds of a older woman saying stuff like a chant . But this makes it all clear to us... There are things, spirits out there all around we don't know about ... - Ghost picture submitted by Todd

       Categories: lady, sounds, face, spirits, bathroom

At my house my sister would frequently freak out saying she would ''hear'' voices in her room. My brother and I were skeptical very about this, so one night we stayed up late and were just taking pictures.
This is what we got in the doorway of her room.. My opinion is that it's an older woman with a finger up to her mouth as if she's saying shhh. - Ghost picture submitted by Todd

Comment by Lol:
Nothing in this picture indicates it's an old woman or a human at all. Just looks like a grainy poor quality image of some dark spot.

       Categories: home, lady, voices

I was at my cousin's house and she was telling me that she kept seeing a little girl standing in her bathroom door at night. And the light switch in her son's room was shocking her boyfriend every time he would turn it on or off.
And her son kept waking up crying with scratches on him. So I took my camera and took a picture in each room in her house. And then when I loaded the pictures on my computer I found in her son's room a little girl sitting in a diaper box in the floor. - Ghost picture submitted by Megan

Comment by Sg304:
Just looks like a diaper sticking up out of the diaper box to me.

       Categories: home, girls, lights, bathroom, computer

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