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I was born and raised in Carmen and spent many a day at the home, either as a candy striper in my teens or a cook later on in my life. Yes the nursing home is haunted but it is not from older boys who beat people up.
The home was originally an IOOF orphanage from 1907 to about 1922. It was then purchased by the Pentecostal Holiness Church in 1944 and later made a nursing home in 1954. After some time the nursing home was closed approximately 1990's and it was used briefly for a drug rehab facility.
It is now vacant. The hauntings that do occur there are mainly from the residents of the nursing home. A special needs woman who lived there her whole life and died shortly after the home was closed and she was moved to different one in a nearby city, roams the halls following people.

She was a shorter woman and had a bit of a shuffle to her step. If you investigate take along a catalog, as the woman loved catalogs. The chapel on the second floor as well as the main office in the front is sometimes frequented by the Rev. L. He cared for the residents until his death. The basement is said to be especially eerie. Lots of long halls and dark. - Ghost picture submitted by Janie

Comment by Kalli:
I would love to learn more because I really want to go investigate, so if you have any more history please let me know thank you. Email me emoqween1781 @yahoo. Com and think of this as a little bit of help.

Comment by Rebecca:
Me and my friend went to go look at the building since I live in Alva and as soon as I pulled up I felt like someone was watching me, and the hair on the back of my neck started to stand on end. My friend s also felt very weird.

Comment by John:
I can tell you from first hand experience that most of the stories your tell are an absolute lie. My grandfather Rev. J. M. Lemmon ran the nursing home for 60 years. There were of course deaths as any nursing home would have but I can assure you that there were never any beatings of patients.

Comment by Michael:
I also can assure anyone no beatings occurred. My grandmother raised the last children that were from the odd fellows home. My mother was a nurse for Rev. Lemmon and I don't doubt the reverend is still walking those halls with Maxine the special needs lady who lived her life there and sang from the balcony.

Comment by Jennifer:
My husband ran the drug rehab there. We went all over the building other than being big it's perfectly quiet and safe. I personally loved the basement, the kitchen and laundry are there.
It also had an awesome barber shop. My daughter's loved to explore the place. We have very fond memories of the place.

Comment by Rev Dave:
We are changing image of the Carmen Orphanage . We are making in two the place where people have a second chance and do not have a place to live . I just wish people that stole articles would return them. We call it ''The fountain of God''.

Comment by David:
I was raised there from 1950 to 1955 when I graduated from Carman High School I never saw a ghost during the 5 years. My e-mail address is dwperry2011 @yahoo. Com or antiqu8888@ gmail. com I'm 79 years old now an be more than happy to answer questions.

Comment by Monty:
I had 3 relatives put in the home one great grandmother and two grandmothers . The first time I was there as a small kid when you walked into the front door it was an open center that went way up like an open mall with small apartments around the outside.
Later they filled that all in to make more rooms and with elevator . I lived in Cleo Springs .

Comment by Meagan:
I grew up in Carmen and worked in that nursing home when I was 16. It was my first job. Amazing memories. It was big and creepy back then, but I never noticed any ghosts. Highly creepy though. But it looks amazing in that old photo! Wish I could've seen it back then when it was beautiful and new!.

Comment by David:
I have one written here already my new e-mail is hammon888 I was there from 1950 t0 1955. When I graduated and left it was Penal Costa Church Children's home. Then Rev. John T. Mahoney was the superintendent. It changed back to old folks after I left.

Comment by Cara:
Who would a professional team of paranormal investigators contact to get access to this building? (405) 655-3633.

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