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Since no one has seen the spider in the picture I will point it out. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous


I was at work one night working overnight at a home. I worked in home health at the time. At this particular night I heard a noise in the back yard. I was in the living room on the couch doing paper work.
So I get up and look out the window nothing was there. I did in fact see a huge spider on the window seal. I took a picture to send to my bf. When I turned the phone around I see a figure of a man.
No face. It looks as if he is facing side ways. Can you see it?. - Ghost picture submitted by Courtni

Comment by Dave:
Looks like a dude wearing a hoodie facing the opposite direction of the window you took a pic of. His reflection (and shadow) were cast because of the angle. Where is the spider you were taking a pic of?.

Comment by David:
That is the same thing I see.

Comment by anonymous:
That's my point!! No one was there when I took the picture. The spider is on the screen window on the far left.

Comment by anonymous:
Everyone else I show the picture to doesn't seem to see anything. The fact that you guys see the same thing I do scares me even more.. Because it wasn't anyone on the other side of the window. It was private property and late night at a home health house..
Did I also mention the patients are disabled -Courtni.

Comment by Jared:
Crazy yea see a guy in a hoodie!.

Comment by Courtni:
If it was a guy in a hoodie then why can't you see the tail of the hoodie and why isn't any of it's facial features present? I would really like to have some sort of explanation of what this shadow person is.
This is not a prank. I was extremely terrified when I took the picture because I didn't see it until I looked at the picture.

Comment by No-one:
Sorry, but I don't see anything not even the spider. All I see is the shadow of your thumb and a white door.

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