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I lived in a small house on the country side of Cushing barely out of city limits. From the day that we moved in, October of 2006, we had been experiencing so many unusual things. I was pregnant with my second child and my daughter was barely a year old. At night, we would hear footsteps walking trough the house. I didn't pay much attention to it until my daughter got a little bit older. She was 3 years old and had what I thought was an imaginary friend she called Eric. The one day she was in her room playing with her ''friend'' and all of the sudden she started screaming, and fell down. She screamed ''Eric, you don't push people that's not nice'' so I then called her into the kitchen and said ''let me take a picture of you with your friend Eric''. She said ''Ok momma'' so she but her arm around her ''friend'' and then stuck her tongue out. A few months later I uploaded those pictures to my computer and to my surprise, there was Eric right beside her with his tongue sticking out too. After that she was terrified to go in to her room and said a monster kept scaring her. So we had the house cleansed, but it didn't help. We had the paranormal people come out and investigate and sure enough we have footage and recordings of the ghosts in the house. Loud banging noises, pictures flying off the walls and footsteps were not and uncommon thing in this house. Shortly there after we sold the house and moved. Below is a picture of my daughter with her friend. - Ghost picture submitted by Cushing

Comment by Dillon:
Incredible picture!.

Comment by Andrew:
Eric doesn't look so nice.. That pic is creepy . If my children were playing with spirits good or bad I would be concerned and scared for them.

Comment by anonymous:
He looks like the leprechaun.

Comment by Anonymous:
This picture is 100% real and not doctored. This is my daughter, and this picture really scared the daylights out of us! My daughter is 10 now and still remembers Eric.

Comment by Anonymous:
That picture is of me. I was so little, but I still remember Eric to this day about 12 years later. I will never forget that creepy thing.

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