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I live in SE OKC in the R.S. Apartment Complex. I have had several otherworldly encounters in my life and a few since I've moved into my apartment. One night when a couple of girlfriends and I were drinking at my place I poured a couple shots and went to the bathroom leaving the door open (because well we were all girls and we were talking).
From the bathroom I had a clear view of the living room where both girls were sitting on the couch. After I had finished and washed my hands (which was the only time I took my eyes off them) I returned to the kitchen and stopped in my tracks dumbstruck.
Every single cabinet and drawer was wide open. I turned and said: ''all right who's messing with me? '' both girls looked confused and asked me what I was talking about. I told them to come look and the surprise on their faces was genuine.

Also both girls were under 5'4'' and unable to reach the cabinets above my fridge which were open. One friend exclaimed: ''I told you I used to hear stuff moving around in here at night!! ''. I had previously dismissed her claims because I lived in an apartment and ambient noises were common.
Also I am of Native American heritage so I have performed cleansing rituals and regularly burn sage to banish bad energy. However a recent boyfriend of mine (who is a very negative person) used to hit his head on the bathroom cabinets when they would mysteriously open while he was bent over to raise the toilet seat.
He joked that the ghost hated him. I actually believe that. He's had trouble with spirits before and I think it is because of all the negative energy he carries with him. And admittedly I never burned sage (which I pick myself for the added personal touch when the ghost was bothering him because he really did deserve the injuries he sustained.

:) *picture is of my kitchen that I took when the spirit opened all the cabinets. You can still see the undrunk shots on my counter. Also when my friend and I took those shots after closing the cabinets and calming ourselves the shots came straight back up.
That has never happened to me before or since. - Ghost picture submitted by Hannahslamma

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It was 1995 and everyone was talking about the lady in white down at the bridge on S. E. 22nd and S. Eastern ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The rumor or urban legend, which ever you would like to call it, was that the girl had died at that bridge on prom night after a fatal car accident.
In which her head was severed from her body. I didn't believe anyone until my mom, my aunt, my little sister, my two cousins and I went to this bridge. It was said that the girl would walk around late at night.
We went down there around 11 pm one summer night. It was August and 98 degrees out. We sat in my aunts car and waited with it running. Then all of a sudden we see this white shadow walk in front of her car and all the windows fogged up.

It looked as though the shadow was holding something. It looked like a head. Then my aunts car died. My aunt kept trying to start the car but no luck. When the white shadow disappeared my aunts car finally started back up.
It was crazy that the windows would fog up considering it was 98 degrees outside and that the car died for no reason. That was a very scary night! I put a picture on here showing what the bridge looks like in the daytime.
I would never go back there at night!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Jennifer

Comment by anonymous:
Total coincidence. I am co-founder of a paranormal group out of Moore, Oklahoma. At times I search the Oklahoman archive's for idea's for locations. Recently I came across a story where 2 women were decapitated and their hands cut off.
The first was found in the area and the story mentions a bridge (eventually finding her head and hands). The second was found a couple of miles away from the first (never finding her head and hands).
The year was either late 30s - 40s.

Comment by Lyns:
Do you have links for either of these stories?.

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