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This picture was taken in Baytown, Texas at an abandoned hospital which will remain unnamed. I was on one side of this structure when I took this picture of what looks to be the spirit of a man in a window of this decrepid old structure. - Ghost picture submitted by Robert Garner

Comment by anonymous:
I see it!.

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I used to live on Oak St. in Baytown, TX. for quite a few years. We had several experiences over the years in that house. Mainly a large black shadowy mist which we captured on film in several photos over the years.
Doorknobs used to slowly start to turn by themselves, then the door would just fly open and nothing would be there. The bathroom and closet light in the back of the house would turn on and off on its own.
We used to get strong smells out of nowhere with no explanation of where they came from. ( such as cigarette smoke, a musty odor, lavender floral scents and roses) our pets used to also react to things we couldn't see.

Once our dog even attacked something we couldn't see and was literally dragged across the floor back and forth like a mop. The dogs and birds would ''watch'' things then begin to freak out. Once a cloud like mist came out of the bathroom door flew over our heads and went right through the wall into the next bedroom.
We would also sense someone watching us when no one was there. Every hair on our bodies would stand on end and we would get goose bumps and you could almost feel someone standing near you and could hear them breathing.
A lot of bad presences were in that house I believe. Just curious if anyone reading this has lived in that area of town and also experienced similar things or maybe out of chance also lived there or knows someone that has? I think whatever was there stayed there after we all left. - Ghost picture submitted by Ally

Comment by Mario:
What was your address at the time? I would like to investigate.

Comment by Ally:
Mario, 140X Oak Street. I have no idea who lives there now. It was over 15 years ago now.


. - Ghost picture submitted by Ally


This photo was captured back in 1994. In the Craigmont subdivision. The TV was turned off when this photo was taken. - Ghost picture submitted by Ally


In my house today : me and one of my sister and I saw the backpack drop from the shelf by itself and then we heard something drop down the stairs but there was nothing there, and every day we hear footsteps in the house and nothing is there :I. - Ghost picture submitted by Jenny

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I live in Baytown, Texas and one day I was getting ready for bed when I was 5. I was picking up all my stuff from the living room. I looked toward my closet I thought I saw something there. And I saw something angel like.
So then I wasn't freaked out cause I knew that they were just protecting me. But I still wanted to know it was true. So a few months later I felt the same weird feeling. So I took pics of the whole room and when I took the last pic I saw them. - Ghost picture submitted by Niki

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