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I've experienced some paranormal activity in my house a few years ago. Times I've stayed home alone I'd hear knocks, voices coming from the kitchen but they would sound like if they would speak from a far distance.
My stuffed animals would fall from the shelf in the wall to my bed but it would be a specific stuffed animal. Two years later, one night my sister and I decided to sleep in the living room because our room was very hot and we had no air conditioner or a fan.
Anyways, that night I fell asleep around 10 pm and I had dream that it was my time to go so I was saying my goodbyes to everyone. This dream was so vivid that when I was dying I woke up a little scared and freaked, but relieved that it was just a weird dream.

I rubbed my eyes, and as I sat up to grab my blanket I saw two bright white figures coming down the hall. I freaked and pulled the covers over my face, as I peaked out and opened my eyes. I looked up and saw a third bright white figure leaning towards me, they didn't hurt me but I freaked out so I called my mom panicked, when she came they were gone.
I have not seen them again to date. I can remember these figures as if it happened last night. I have the image so clearly in my mind that I sketched it. This is a sketch of the bright white figure. - Ghost picture submitted by Nancy

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I was at a party, some people were dancing. I was taking pictures. When I was looking the pictures on my computer I saw the dots, the white ones. I knew they were spirits, I have several pictures that have the dots.
My school is old and they said things about it. I think there are several ghosts because I saw them in others pictures too. - Ghost picture submitted by Marvin

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As many of you may already know, there is a lot of history in Brownsville. Especially at the old Fort Brown, which is now the University of Texas at Brownsville. The old fort still has many of it's original buildings including the hospital and the morgue.
In front of the morgue is an old tree known as the ''hanging tree''. Many spirits and orbs are often spotted there. I happened to be on a ghost tour there and took a picture of the big beautiful tree.
Check out what came out in the picture!. - Ghost picture submitted by C

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