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I'm from Canyon, Texas and we've been living in the same house for 17 years. We've had a lot of ghost activities. It started about 4-5 years ago when my brother saw a young girl in a white dress, he said she looked like she was 8-10.
We also see two men and one woman. We did some E.V.P. and we got people talking back! We would ask them ''how many people are in this room? '' we got a man saying ''five''. One day my dad saw someone walk by his TV and after that my mom and dad heard a baby cry! They looked around but everyone was sleeping.
We tried to for some more ghost activities on our E. V. P recorder and me and my brother saw our sister acting weird. We started asking her if she was OK but she looked out of it.... We said ''Mary are you ok? '' she would say ''...

Yeah.. '' after a few minutes she was fine! We asked her if she remembered anything she said ''no'' we think that the little girl had control over her for a little. Time to time we would see stuff but it comes and goes.
We're still trying to find out why the ghosts are here. - Ghost picture submitted by Kenneth

Comment by Christie:
My husband and I live in Canyon, and we have an investigation team. Would you be willing to let us come investigate your home?.

Comment by Deliver Us From Evil:
Kenneth, this is quite a post. Are there any health issues in family? More specifically does the daughter have epilepsy? Just to rule that out. It seems that your family is experiencing demonic activity. They are lying spirits who want you to think they are ghosts. I pray that your family seeks the Lord on this. Don't know when you posted this. Perhaps a pastor or priest can come bless the home. Deliver Us From Evil Role: Exorcist .

Comment by Samantha:
I have a history of finding out what's going on in my house. Recently I've been recording videos in my boys' room. They share a room together, and I've been seeing ghost everywhere. I live at the housing authority on 7th and 8th Streets in Canyon, Texas. I am scared.

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