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In November of 2008, we were out house hunting. We toured this beautiful home in I believe Colleyville, Texas. The house was so beautiful, and we felt very welcome. We did not see anything strange or feel anything strange. We actually liked the home, and I decided to take a few pictures of the home, so that I could remember what it looked like inside. Just recently I developed the pictures from my camera phone, displayed some pictures on my social network page. Upon doing that I noticed a strange looking figure in the doorway. Note we were the only people at the house, and we went through the entire home and saw nothing.

Now, one thing that was weird is how my little baby appeared to be looking at the image in the door glass. My husband was just looking at the house. A few people who I showed this picture to claimed that they saw two more figures at the second floor window by the tree. I did not see this, but I clearly saw the image of what appeared to be a man dressed in a white shirt, with some sort of black hat on. His hands rested by his waist, and he had no face. I did not see any legs either. But, anyways what do you guys think? (... ) thanks! Oh! This was my first time seeing any images. . - Ghost picture submitted by Shay

Comment by Observer:
Usually one can click on 'view larger' photo and the photo is much bigger. Too bad we can't do this. Is this as large as the photo is? Would like to see a much larger photo to see the images better.

Comment by Shay:
To view the picture in a larger size go to tools on your computer and increase to 200 or 400 to obtain a closer look.

Comment by Steve:
It could very well be. I believe in ghosts as well. But I think the main image at the front door can be debunked. The man's head looks as though it could be a reflection of a hanging porch light. The body a reflection of the surrounding area outside.
The images in the windows near the trees? More than likely window ensconces and curtains. I'd check the home's history through the county records. See if any deaths occurred there etc...

Comment by L:

Comment by Nicole:
That is the reflection of the guy in the picture. I'm pretty sure.

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