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I want to explain one thing before I submit this picture. I have something around me that's bad! Half of the time I hear things talking in audios of videos clips I make. Sometimes things talk to me through sounds and even use lifeforms to say things to me. I think this is the bad stuff that's around me creating this weird stuff on this picture. I think this has everything to do with me or maybe not.

I was riding my bicycle from White Rock Lake going towards the Skillman Street bridge to go on Skillman Street. There was a nice sunset in the sky, and I decided to take several pictures of it. I didn't have a camera or a phonem, but I used my laptop instead. I took a few pictures of me and the sunset. I went to the library to look at the pictures I took. I brightened up this one picture and saw a face scared the h*** out of me. There are several faces next to me and maybe a demon. There are also a strange doodle of a car (station wagon) a few others. I did not draw these things!. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Deliver Us From Evil:
Anonymous, I would respectfully recommend meeting with a pastor / priest. Show them what you have and ask for prayer. I would strongly caution you not to be over embellished with this stuff. Exclude this stuff and its exposure to your life. Seek the lord! I'm an exorcist and have other cases, but I will pray for you. Danny with deliver us from evil lookingup4jesus@gmail.com.

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Ok I was visiting Dallas during the winter of 2010-2011. I have family buried in Oakland Cemetery in Dallas and really wanted to check out the place. It is very old and my ancestors died in the early 1900s.
Well it was getting dark by the time we got there so I was not going into it. I settled on a picture of the gate. What do you think?. - Ghost picture submitted by Ryane

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I manage apartments and my housekeeper was cleaning a vacant apartment when she noticed a dark spot on the wall. She took a picture of it so she could show the painters where they had missed painting.
When she looked at the picture she saw that the dark spot was actually a ghost standing up leaning against the wall by the fireplace. To make matters worse after showing this picture to everyone in the office the maintenance man remembered that back in 2005 the resident who lived there died of a drug overdose. - Ghost picture submitted by Mary

Comment by anonymous:
I saw a ghost like that.

Comment by Will:
What's the street name? This place looks familiar. Thanks.

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