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My wife and I live in a subdivision off of Hughes in Dickinson, TX, before we met she had been with a man who decided to end his life in our home. Strange things are being heard and seen in the morning hours of 2 am till a little past 3 am.
I was not a believer of the paranormal until now... See I bought a surveillance system and 8 night and day infra-red cameras for the outside of the home and inside. What I captured was really sweet but what I heard was more sweet.
I decided to sleep in the living room on the couch bed while my wife and mother in law slept in our room. At 2:37 am I heard a little voice as clear as we would say... Say look there he is... So I thought it was my wife and looked up and nothing was there.

I reviewed the video footage and at the time I heard the voice there was a white small cloud enter from the front door into the living room, and stop for about three seconds and then go away and further review shows a orb a perfect round circle about the size of a softball pass into the front door enter the living area and go up the stairs to the far left bedroom, where we always here footsteps or running in that room.
Also I captured a picture of this in our bedroom mirror a few night earlier as I was laying beside my wife... Look at her closet mirror and you will see a face of a man that looks pissed off. That same night my wife was in bed and I was turning on our flood lights outside when she saw a man pass into our bathroom that she thought was me until I came back in the house about five minutes later...
She was so scared she had me check the entire house for people... Even our attics... If anyone wants to see the footage I shot I will be posting it soon... Thank you for your time. - Ghost picture submitted by Troy

Comment by Jefe:
I see a who bunch of faces in that mirror.

Comment by anonymous:
Jefe did you bring that mirror or was it there? Danny with deliver us from evil lookingup4jesus @gmail. com exorcist.

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