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Has anyone heard if the graveyard is haunted? I've seen spirits my entire life... No I'm not crazy. I was even a cop for a while. Anyway I was visiting family in Temple. I decided to go out to the cemetery. I have three relatives buried out there. Their graves are towards the back right by the barb wire fence. The entire time I was there I heard what appeared to be either whispering or muffled voices. I had a feeling I was being watched and had a sense of dread. The sun was going down as I left, so once I started walking back I felt great fear and the need to run to my car.

It was strange as heck. I've had guns pulled on me and wasn't as scared as I was that evening. A little later I told a buddy what I felt, and we went back when it was even darker. I took a picture and got something weird. I do little investigations for fun. I had all my pictures in separate folders on my phone listed by site. My son was jacking with my phone and accidentally put all my pictures in one folder. The picture I'm posting I'm roughly 99. 5% positive it's the graveyard. If it's not I do apologize in advance, but I'm pretty sure it is Eddys Cemetery.
approximately 2016. - Ghost picture submitted by AL

Comment by Missy:
That does look like Eddy cemetery. I've gotten similar results in pic there. I think we are seeing the energy; a ghost or spirit is manifesting. Good catch!
approximately 2018.

Comment by Colette:
I see the energy you are talking about but unless it is a reflection I see a figure of a man standing by the tombstone on the right. I am not a professional so hard to say but I find the spirit world interesting and I feel the wall between the human world and the spirit world seems to be thinning as more people are talking about seeing something in the paranormal.
approximately 2018.

Comment by Al:
@missy tyvm but can't take credit for the catch.. If not for them being there I could not have caught them. So really it's their catch lol.
approximately 2019.

Comment by Al:
@Colette.... I see what you're talking bout and I believe you're correct... It does look like a figure... Great eye!!! I also agree that the more people that open their minds and lines of communication about experiences the more and more the veil/wall will come down.
approximately 2019.

Comment by Falls:
Where is this at?

Comment by Madison:
Yeah, we've been investigating it. Quite a bit of activity, orbs following my aunt and spirits going inside of her. In the pictures they change her appearance physically. Would like to further investigate this cemetery.

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