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Even sandblasting wouldn't remove it. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
People say this is Jean Lafitte, and he is buried underneath this building which was haunted and is now a storage warehouse.


This picture was taken in Galveston, Texas.. I was staying at the Rose Hall, a very haunted bed and breakfast. I was out back the old mansion when I had the distinct feeling of being watched.. I took the picture and when I did I captured a shadow ghost wearing a top hat and sporting what looks to me to be shades..
Even the cross he is holding reeks of a spiritual being.. - Ghost picture submitted by Robert

Comment by Lalanea:
Way cool hope it didn't scare him to much.

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The man who took the old Marine Hospital and turned it into an apartment building... is sometimes seen in the tower of that building.. You can't get in there but there are other places in this spooky yet very nice building. You can find ghosts. I lived there for 5 years and saw some freaky stuff..
Take in consideration that this place is truly haunted. Go there and check it out, you won't be disappointed. - Ghost picture submitted by Dede

Comment by Lalanea:
I hope to visit soon.

Comment by anonymous:
Really cool place.

Comment by Kyla:
Yeah I live here now and have been experiencing some odd things. Footsteps upstairs when nobody is up there, could have sworn I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye... Tried to tell myself I was imagining things but then my laptop started playing a commercial in the middle of the night and this morning...While it was hibernating... And we only use it for netflix. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for any other oddities.

Comment by Chris:
I don't live at these apartments but I was working on apartment 65. I would hear a ladies voice when I would get mad at what I was working on. When I got done I was cleaning up and took a step down the stairs outside of the apartment fell and broke my ankle in 2 places and sprained my other one.
I feel like the place is haunted and not by anything nice.

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