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A number of orbs around graves in cemetery. Some of them are blue. - Ghost picture submitted by Ronny


My friends K, J, K and me all go to cemeteries at night to take pics and look for orbs. we have been to all the cemeteries that are easy to get to around town but one stands out to be the creepiest, Bethel Cemetery. We have always got an odd feeling driving by this particular graveyard so one night we all decided to load up and go. There was a storm coming about 20 miles away which made things a little more uneasy so we decided not to get out of the vehicle and just stopped at an opened gate to take pictures. After the very first flash of the camera my girlfriend K started yelling that she saw something and to drive as far away from there as possible so we did. Being the skeptic out of the bunch I asked her what she saw thinking it was just a small animal and also where she saw it at. She told me on the left side of this big tree right inside of the gate. I looked at the picture and zoomed in just a few times and saw possibly the scariest thing of my whole life... It was a set of two extremely bright green eyes looking right at us...The eyes did not belong to an animal but what appeared to be a very young boy leaning against the large tree with his right hand over his mouth, knees bent just like a person leaning on a tree, peeking out at us. I showed everyone in the car and they all freaked out. I still have the picture on my computer. We did not go back to that cemetery for a while but finally worked up the courage again.. This time we all got out and were walking toward the back and about half way there we heard 3 extremely loud bangs. Boom boom boom .. We all turned and ran like wimps... And by the way when this happened it was about 2 am .. This cemetery is surrounded by trees and only 1 house which you can see at all times...So no one else was in that area that could have made the noise. And finally we just drove by the last time we were there and J said that he saw the same little boy in the middle of the road behind us with those same glowing green eyes...Always staying the same distance from the truck. No one else saw it but he swears that he saw it and also put his head down the rest of the ride and did not look up. So ... If you're ever down Old Mill Road at night just stop by Bethel cemetery if you're up for some strange activity. - Ghost picture submitted by Daniel

Comment by Ann:
In the picture with the little boy with the green eyes. Is that a face in the trees to the left and up? It looks like a face in the tree.

Comment by Blake:
I'm 99.9% sure this is a picture of me. I live literally just down the road and I used to go at night and just hang out and look at the gravestones. It was strangely calming but I live in the trailer park down the street. That's insane.

Comment by Jacob:
Man, I live right down the street. Me and a friend were looking for some thrilling stuff to do one night. We went up there and took a few pictures. Nothing. Neither one of us got out of the car. We saw this picture and were to scared, but I did see a barrel right there next to the tree. It would've been easy for someone to sit behind that barrel and pop up, so you could only see their face for the picture. Is it a hoax? Possibly. We definitely heard some creepy sounds. I was just about to take another picture of the three a little closer when my friend heard something and took off in the truck. Kind of disappointed. Was really looking forward to seeing this face. Although it would've scared the daylights out of me and possibly changed my life forever, lol.

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