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I was approached by this beautiful German Shepherd last year in March 2015 after moving into my new apartment on Esters Road and Northgate. It was a friendly dog, and I was outside scrapping ice off my car. It got really close to me but never allowed me to touch it. It seemed to want me to follow it, but I was in a rush. I did go to the store before coming back home and bought some doggie treats, but he was gone. I drove around my apartments, and he was nowhere in site. I had never seen the dog before and never seen it since. This happened right after my dog that I'd had for almost 14 years passed away. I felt attached to the dog as I do many dogs, so I took a picture of it. The dog that you saw did he look like this?. - Ghost picture submitted by Nikkie

Comment by Tim:
Where are the dogs' foot prints.

Comment by Observer:
Tim you bring up a valid point. Where are the footprints? Wow!.

Comment by Michael:
There's no footprints, your right, what the heck!.

Comment by Chrystello:
If you look to the right of the dog, there looks to be prints in the sand. Also the dog is by a beach. You know with water and waves that will cover or washway prints just like ours.

Comment by Beegirl:
There's no footprints because the dog is on concrete. The poster said he was scraping ice off car in the parking lot of apartment complex.

Comment by Connie:
The dog is walking on ice covered concrete.


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