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I live between Katy Hockley and Fry Road, and I have lived in my house since I was eight months old. My sister said when I was a baby, she used to see a boy that looked to be about eighteen years old dressed in camouflage and a hoodie walk into what is now my bedroom. And as a teen, I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a tall dark figure with an eerie looking face standing by my window.

Throughout my teen years and even now my room gets unbearably cold to the point where I am using three or four fleece blankets and still shivering. I have even seen my breath a few times. This is Houston; it is hardly ever cold. My heater has been checked and everything. My house is not very old. It was built in the 1950s or 60s, and I did find a bible from the previous owner at the top of my closet one time. Some other strange things that have happened are my front door swinging open by itself. One time I, out of the blue, found a masquerade mask on my front lawn after my door flew open. I live on a dead end, so nobody comes by my house often.

One time my sister said that she heard a strange noise, and she woke up and my mom was just in a dreamlike or sleepwalk state and was just standing there staring at the ceiling. I have been wanting to investigate. I am twenty-one now, and I am still alive and well (aside from the fact that I am always passing out and having fainting spells and the doctors could not explain it), so this ghost or entity obviously means no harm. I took some pictures at home in December 2007. I later noticed an orb and a face in the door in the picture, and that is what I saw by my bedroom window growing up. - Ghost picture submitted by Danielle

Comment by Sky:
What neighborhood? Tell me more about the house location and so on.

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