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This was taken Feb. 28 in my church at around 9:00 pm in total darkness…what do you think they are? Angels or orbs please let me know what you think. - Ghost picture submitted by Taya

Comment by Theresa:
I just looked up orbs, the definition: the orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i. e. Power lines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. So it can very well be anything to do with supernatural.

Comment by Theresa:
Well from what I see in other pictures that are explained as orbs, they pretty much look like orbs to me. But being in a church angels can also be very likely. Since it is the house of god, I'm sure it shouldn't be anything evil.

Comment by Theresa:
May I ask, how far away is this church from the post?.

Comment by Stephanhall:
I look at this picture you got, looks like there are 7 ghost in there. Sounds like the ghosts are members of the church, that has happened in some churches and graveyards. Ghosts show up in places on grounds or in church. I think they're angels, do not what to leave church. Some cases their body stays overnight in church, ghosts will stay there, they're happy to be in the lords house.

Comment by Jessica:
Orbs are nothing more than a spirit pulling energy from all sorts of places just to manifest itself. Angels are just spirits. There are many spirits manifesting themselves to you . In order to see a full body spirit it must drain a lot of energy just to manifest itself.
Those spirits could be past members and are attached to something dealing with the church.

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